Access Bank


Access Bank has tens of bank branches in Lagos. Each bank branch runs on grid power and generators. The headquarters struggled to manage the multiple vendors who supplied diesel, provided generator maintenance, and offered other power-related services. It also had high power costs for each branch.


We provided a 25kW hybrid solar power under our Power-as-a-Service (PaaS) model to the Access Bank branch on Oba Akran Avenuein Ikeja. We took over management of the branch’s power system for a flat monthly fee with no upfront costs. During the system audit and system, we delivered the right sized generators tailored to the branch’s power consumption. We pay the utility bills for grid power and buy diesel for the generators.

With our PaaS model, we lowered monthly power costs for the branch by up to 30%. By handling all the branch’s power needs, Daystar Power became a one-stop shop. Access Bank HQ no longer had to deal with multiple vendors, saving time and money.

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